About us

Nicole Aubertin, Fondatrice Vision HalonaIn March 2009, Nicole Aubertin, ACC, CPA, CGA founded HALONA, a company aspiring to offer services that will help business people thrive.

Our values, our purpose:

Have the courage to really learn about yourself in order to rediscover the joys of working. When doing your job, be trustworthy. Don’t compare yourself to others, but rely on solidarity and mutual support. With perseverance, take the time to write a list of priorities to assess what is truly important. To progress as a team in an entirely new way, practise humility, an essential leadership trait. And be fair. It allows team members to work to their fullest potential, which benefits everyone.

HALONA’s vision is to provide companies with more support to boost business profitability and, in turn, lead to prosperity.

Our mission is to offer businesses structured support and tools to implement a simple, concise and effective method for sustainable development.

Our promise: « help you triple your returns within three months. » The key to success is the connection between economic value and how much you enjoy your work. This is inspired by a quote from Confucius Tchang: « Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. »